Letter From New York August 6, 2014

Or, as it seems to me…

I am going to do a little experiment – writing a little for the blog in the morning, different from the ones I compose and mail off, a morning rumination on the state of the world.

Last night the cottage was pummeled by a summer storm and I was awakened at various moments by thumps in the night, small branches falling from the trees onto the deck and the roof. It was magnificent and powerful, lightening slashing the sky. Perhaps not conducive to great rest but a lesson in the prowess of nature.

An American General has been killed in Afghanistan, a victim of “Green on Blue” violence, an Afghan soldier who turned on his American allies, proving no one is safe in Afghanistan, no matter how well guarded. One commentator this morning called the violence “bi-polar” for lack of a better term.

Violence seems everywhere. As I write the radio reports on the violence that is endemic at Riker’s Island prison in New York. The New York Times reported this morning that Hamas is going to split itself into two, one part political, the other part military. That way the military can wage war while the political side can negotiate peace.

That seems bi-polar to me.

I am headed into the city today to meet with Howard Bloom, the prolific writer of philosophical treatises about the human condition who is planning a series or independent film about his Grand Unifying Theory of Everything, Including the Human Soul.

Jon Alpert, the Academy Award nominated documentarian, introduced me to him some five years or so ago. I spent five hours with him that night, realizing I was in the presence of one of the smartest people I have ever known, a contemporary James Burke, who is, by the way, a fan of Howard’s.

I am hoping that something comes of the project. For one thing, I am casting about for the next thing I am going to do and there isn’t much on the horizon though I suspect the universe will one day unfold and reveal what it has in store for me.

That seems to be the way life has worked for me before.

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