Letter From New York December 1, 2014

It is a grey, grey day here in Claverack, warm enough that the wondrous covering of snow has almost all melted, leaving behind a grey landscape. Grey day; grey landscape.

I have wanted to really be motivated today but found it hard to be. I did what needed to be done and then settled in the living room with a mystery. Normally, one of the first things I do in a day is check the headlines on my NY Times App but even that slipped until mid-day.

I am going down to the city tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment and will make a decision whether to stay or not on the morrow.

It is interesting to have the flexibility I have taken this fall. Earlier today I made the doctor’s appointment for Thursday and then decided to move up the appointment if they could see me, which they could and so am headed down to the Big Apple.

Last time I was there it took me a few minutes to acclimate myself to being there after a series of days in the country; the crowds seemed more jangling than they usually do.

Christmas has begun in earnest today. I received my first Christmas card, bringing a smile to my face and a motivation to determine what cards I will send this year and if I do, will a letter to go with them – or not. With my tree up and Christmas carols playing, it does set a mood, even if the snow has melted.

Once I finish this, I am going to work on my Christmas list. I’ve already started my shopping and have mentally picked out presents but need to organize myself to make sure no one that has been nice is left off the list this year. Should I be very modern and make an Excel Spreadsheet or should I be traditional and use pen and paper?

Ah, decisions, decisions!

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