Letter From New York 12 20 14 Christmas is happening…

It’s been a pleasant day in Claverack.

I woke early and went down to the Farmer’s Market. I’ve developed a passion for the Sea Salt and Onion cashews offered by one of the vendors there. Last week they were already sold out of them by the time I arrived so I wanted to be sure I got my fair share today. The market is now closed until the first weekend of February. I was successful, nabbing three containers, enough to last until they reopen. I ordered pies for Christmas from David, the pie guy. He’ll deliver them on Christmas Eve morn.

After collecting my mail, I went down to the Red Dot for a bite to eat, visiting with Alana, who is the proprietress of the best joint in Hudson. Finishing that, I went home and met Nick, who keeps the house humming and we did our Saturday chores.

Returning to town, I met my friends Larry and Alicia at Ca’Mea for a Saturday lunch and we organized our Christmas plans.

As a cord cutter, I don’t have cable so I didn’t see the last episode of The Colbert Report. Larry did and it was nostalgic for him. He was President of Comedy Central when it launched. He suggested I look for it online as the best moments are immortalized there.

It appears I will be hosting Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and hosting a cocktail party on Boxing Day, December 26th. I will be cooking until I am cross-eyed.

But I love it. I love the hustle bustle of the Holidays and love having folks to the cottage. I am working on my menus right now. What I’ll have Christmas Eve and what I’ll have on Christmas Day and what will be the appetizers I serve on Boxing Day. I thrive on entertaining.

Tomorrow I will be grocery shopping for the annual Christmas Quiches I make as gifts for my neighbors. Monday will be devoted to making them and Tuesday to delivering them. It’s something I’ve done for the last ten years and is part of the Christmas tradition of Claverack Cottage.

The world is settling down for the Holidays. Obama has gone off to Hawaii. I’ve curled up at the cottage. The trains are packed with people beginning their Christmas Holidays and I’m glad I got here early on Friday. Every train going north on Friday was sold out with holiday revelers finding their way to where they were going.

Once upon a time I did research for a trio of Hollywood writers, way back in the days when I first arrived in Los Angeles. So a bit of Hollywood trivia: today is the anniversary of the premiere of “Flying Down to Rio” the first Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers film. Who knew? Now you do.

It’s that kind of day, a day for fun facts and trivia. The world is a mess but let’s today focus on the fun things today. Christmas is a few days away.

The cafes and restaurants of Hudson were deserted today as I am sure every store and mall was jammed with folks doing their last minute, desperate Christmas shopping.

While the restaurants were empty, there wasn’t a parking spot available on Warren Street, the main drag of Hudson. I’m sure the shops were jammed. We’re in the countdown.

I have a couple of things to wrap but I’m done. It feels good.

It all feels good, this Christmas time. Let the world for a few days swirl away without my thinking too much about it.

Christmas is happening.

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