Letter From New York 12 26 14 Another Boxing Day…

It is late at night, Boxing Day night, the night after Christmas. Tradition has it that it was the day the Lord and Lady of the Manor gave their servants presents in boxes. Or that it was the day young children went out with Boxes to collect alms for the poor. Whatever its exact origin Boxing Day is a holiday in most Commonwealth countries.

And often I have had Boxing Day parties. I think the first one was long ago when I lived in Los Angeles in an apartment on Plymouth Blvd. It was a great old apartment, Spanish style with a raised roof and beams. That was the first Boxing Day party I remember giving.

Today was the most recent. Friends, neighbors and a few friends of friends, a small but good group gathered tonight at the Cottage for the Boxing Day. A few martinis, a fair amount of white wine and some other drinks, mingled with some good food. And all had a good time.

It is the last of Christmas, 2014. Not a bad way to end the season. Now we are on to the New Year’s celebrations and a winding down of the year, getting ready for the adventure that will be 2015.

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