Letter From New York 01 05 15 Back to the hustle and the bustle…

As I often do before I begin my daily blog, I check the headlines at Google News to see what is happening. Today was a fairly big day for news in that, while I was not listening to the radio or watching TV News or checking it online, markets plunged as oil dropped below $50 a barrel for the first time in years. Apparently there is an oversupply of it when not so long ago fear of a lack of it drove prices through the roof.

Jury selection began in Boston for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is accused in the Boston Marathon bombings. There is a pool of 1200 potential jurors. Survivors and first responders are expected to testify.

The thirty-year-old son of New York Hedge Fund Manager is in custody. Allegedly, he shot his father in the head because he’d had his allowance cut.

And I cannot not mention that today Teresa Giudice, one of Bravo’s Real Housewives, went to prison today.

That was some of the news that I would have seen if I had been looking but I wasn’t. The day was bright and shiny like a new penny but cold, with a wicked wind blowing through the town. There is a wind advisory for the area that started early this morning and goes for a while longer. I’ve cleared branches out of the drive that have been ripped from the trees.

There’s a dent in my car door from another such wind adventure.

Mostly, though, today I did some work from home and went out shopping because I’m going to cook dinner tonight for friends. I am making a penne pasta with asparagus, mushrooms and chicken with a red sauce. Like most things, I found the recipe on-line.

It has been a quiet day of reflection as I did my work, beginning to blend into the New Year, sending out some emails on projects that are potentially coming up, working to re-connect with folks that have fallen off my radar during the Holiday Season.

Playing in the background has been upbeat Big Band music from another era. It has cheered me as I’ve begun the year’s work. For, in America, work begins again today.

I think in the UK they hold on a little longer, through this week. It will be a slow ramping up but ramping up it is. You could almost feel it in the day. I could feel it in myself. 2015 is here and now must be dealt with.

I go back into the city on Wednesday for a couple of days and it will be interesting to test my resilience in re-adjusting after nearly three straight weeks at the cottage. Ah, back to the joys of crowded subways and throngs of people, the hustle and the bustle of the Big City.

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