Letter From New York 01 22 15 Heading to the country in the morning…

Today’s blog post will, of necessity, be short. I had a meeting at three today and spent the day prepping for that and when it was over, found myself doing what many a person in the northern part of the country does, thinking about a warm weather vacation.

Intending to write, I found myself deep in websites about Caribbean islands and the warm weather temptations they provide: swimming, snorkeling, diving, laying in hammocks in warm sea winds. It sounds all very delicious and I’m thinking of treating myself to one.

In the meantime, the afternoon evaporated and I am leaving soon to go the New York Video Meet-up, a monthly event put together by my friend Steve Rosenbaum, a television producer turned digital entrepreneur. He’s written a couple of books, including CURATION NATION, a good read about digital curation.

Because I was so focused on the meeting, I ignored much of the world though, of course, I spent some time on the NY Times app as I sipped my morning coffee, of which I probably had too much. I think I over-caffeinated myself today.

I found myself paying occasional attention to the digital newsletters that come in on a daily basis, noting that Amazon is offering episodes of TRANSPARENT to everyone, in hopes of getting more people to sign up for their Amazon Prime service, which provides two day free delivery plus video.

Being a great fan of Prime, I have been watching some of TRANSPARENT and find it California delightful.

In the meantime, I am once again being inundated by appeals from the Democratic Party for my support and for me to join them in railing against the Republicans. I had hoped for a respite from that after the election but I’m afraid the frequency is nearly at the same dizzying pace as it was before the election.

Because I subscribe to CNN Breaking News, I did find out that it appears Yemen is without a government today, what with the President, Prime Minister and the entire cabinet resigning. I wonder what will happen to that poor, unstable country?

Though I have not been following it, there has been a great deal of controversy spawned by AMERICAN SNIPER, the Clint Eastwood movie starring Bradley Cooper, Oscar nominated for his role in it.   I will look into it when I get some time.

Weather has been chill but the snow flurries predicted for this morning did not arrive but a nor’easter is supposed to be on its way with inches predicted for the weekend. I will be cozy in the country then.

With daylight fading, I must be off to the NY Video Meet-up. Then to dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant on the Upper West Side, Thai Market, and then home to the country in the morning.

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