Letter From New York 03 07 15 In a bit of a hurry…

This will be a bit of hurried letter as I am just back from lunch with my friend Larry Divney and shortly before I have to go to dinner at my friends, Lionel and Pierre.

It has been a lovely day. Coffee with the NY Times, the way I start most days, followed by a hair cut, followed by an invitation to join Larry for lunch, an invitation I was loathe to ignore.

Larry was my boss for a nanosecond when I worked at A&E before he went on to head Ad Sales for what became Comedy Central. He then became President of Comedy Central. He “retired” for about four months and then came back as President of Ad Sales for MTV Networks. He is a legend in the business. And I am grateful that we are friends, still, after all these years.

We met up one day, fourteen years ago, in our local Walmart. I had just moved to Columbia County and a mutual friend, Chuck Bachrach, said to me you can’t be far from Larry and Alicia, his wife. He gave me their phone number. I left a message and then went to Walmart where I ran into them.

We’ve been especially close ever since. We have had Thanksgivings together as well as Christmases. It is one of the great gifts of my life that they have re-entered my life as friends in Columbia County.

This is a special place, this little county. It collects people who don’t want to be part of the Hamptons scene or can’t, like me, afford that.

The world swirls around us and we acknowledge that, we discuss it and we are grateful we are far from it. I’m not sure it’s true but here we feel safe from the turmoil of the world.

Actually, I don’t think there is anyplace left that is free from what is going on. It’s just that we are less likely targets.

Apparently, IS is destroying yet another ancient city, one declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ancient city of Hatra. It was the capital of the Parthian Empire that wrestled with Rome for centuries.

Tragedy upon archeological tragedy.

The world is losing its history and that is a tragedy. We are dealing with monsters here, who have no respect for what has come before them. I am enormously sad.

The light is good tonight; again everything seems cast in a shade of brown. Tonight is when we leap forward and lose an hour of sleep. I must begin to change the clocks. I’m not excited but it is the way the world works.

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