The meaning of Mathew… 03/07/2017

Last night it appeared that by dawn the world around me would be wrapped in the arms of Winter Storm Quinn and so it was decided I would not attempt to get to the studio and do my program.  Something would be used to cover me.

When I woke, the snow had not yet started so I raced to the station and did my program and, every week, when I remember, I tell my listeners what things are being celebrated today.

And one of today’s celebrations is:  what’s the meaning of your name?  So while I was playing some music I googled my name and this is what I came up with:

Mathew, a really nice guy. He is very friendly once you get to know him. He has a heart that is just waiting for some love. He is the kind of guy that will be willing to listen to you, he makes you smile when you don’t want to smile. He might be a constant downer on himself, but one day he’ll realize that he is very important to someone. He is an amazing person to talk to. He will make you laugh without him thinking that he is funny. He has his own personality and is really interesting once you get to know him. He may be weird sometimes, but that’s what makes him funto talk to.
My friend Mathew is an amazing person and he does not spell his name wrong.
My name is spelled with only one “t” because of a decision made by my family back in 1869 when the paternal side of my family arrived in America from Bavaria.  I think it seems like me.  Surprisingly so…

2 Responses to “The meaning of Mathew… 03/07/2017”

  1. Susan Schuette Says:

    What a wonderful description of you.

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