Letter from the vagabond… 11 24 2018 Good people…


It is the evening of the Saturday after Thanksgiving; a fire burns in the Keene Farm fireplace and jazz plays on Pandora, which can be piped through the house.

Yesterday, some of the Thanksgiving guests arrived at the Keene Farm around two and we had a marvelous brunch:  croissants, toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, jams and jellies, coffee, Bloody Mary’s, mimosas, champagne, fruit – a day after brunch feast that came close to matching the feast from the day before.

When it was over, everyone went off to take naps.

This morning, I woke in a wonderful mood and set off to do errands, taking things to the Transfer Station [“the dump”], getting quarters at the bank to be able to use the air machine at the gas station, picking up things at the Post Office, putting air into my under inflated tires, saying good-bye to Lionel and Pierre, saying hello to old neighbors.

And I finally met the people who bought my cottage.  They invited me to stop by and have coffee with them, which I did.

It was the first time I had been at the cottage since I sold it and it was fine.  I was glad someone was there who now loved it as much as I loved it when I was there, and I didn’t feel nostalgic for the place.

They are delightful people, both artists.  She is an actress, Victoria Finney, and her husband, Julian Crouch, is a stage designer with a show on Broadway and works with La Scala in Milan.  When Vicky opened the door, she gave me a great hug and when I left, so did Julian.  They have two children, James and Josh, who are quite wonderful.

When I decided to sell, I asked the universe to give me buyers who would appreciate the place and they do.  It is entrusted to the next people and I am peaceful with that.

My life is moving forward and there was no need for the rearview mirror; a thing for which I was very grateful.  It was just fine.

Finishing my errands, I went to The Red Dot for brunch, joined by my friend Jim Karic, having a good “chin wag” with him and now I am back at the Keene Farm, a fire burning, jazz playing.

Another good day.

One Response to “Letter from the vagabond… 11 24 2018 Good people…”

  1. paul wagner Says:

    Hey, Matt I just came across your page, that was weird. But what a delightful web page; I loved it. It sounds like you really did a job for Thanksgiving. Hoping all the best blessing for you my friend.

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