Letter from a Vagabond 11 April 2019 Our Lady of Solitude…

Once again, the sun is setting over the Catskill Mountains and I am watching the pale pink glow of the sun as it slips behind them, hoping the old adage, “red sun at night, sailor’s delight,” holds true as I have many things to accomplish tomorrow as Saturday, early, I am heading to DC to care for Zoey the cat.

One of the things I must do is replace the tire that went flat yesterday.  I rolled into a tire place just at five and the man said, “See ya!” AAA came forty-five minutes later and found multiple things wrong with the tire.  I went to my usual place as I think the tire might still be under warranty and found them inexplicably closed for the day.  I’ll go back tomorrow.

What is below is a poem, first sketched out in Oaxaca, while sitting in the Church of Our Lady of Solitude.  I don’t often share the poems I write though I thought I would send off this one to you.  Enjoy, or not.  Thanks!

Our Lady of Solitude, March, 2019

Our Lady of Solitude

sees me,

Her eyes pierce.


You are known,

She whispers,

All that solitude and loneliness.


Weighted by truth,

wanting to flee,

staying out of need,

glued to a pew meant

for believers,

I stay.


Yes, lady,

silent words

from the true part of

a once fecund soul.


Having conversation

with a statue, signals

madness never far


every separate day.


Seems fitting,


Sebastian is at her side,

nearly naked,

before arrows robbed

him of young life.


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