Letter From New York 12 08 15 Parsing The Donald and other things…

Big Daddy’s Diner. Manhattan. White Wine Problems. Tibor Rubin. Medal of Honor. George W Bush. Jan Hummel. Donald Trump.  The Donald. Michelle Fiore. Nevada Assemblywoman. Venezuela. Maduro. Chavez. U2. Angels of Death. Paris. Bataclan. Stephen Ambrose. New History of World War II.  Kindle.

As I am sitting down to write tonight, I am in a booth at Big Daddy’s Diner on 91st and Broadway in Manhattan.  Why?  Remy, who cleans the apartment in New York, is cleaning and I made an escape.  I went to Starbucks where, not surprisingly, there wasn’t a single seat so I came to Big Daddy’s thinking I could use their WiFi.  It’s not working so I am perusing the Internet with my phone connection and I am running out of juice on that.

Ah well, these are very much first world problems.  One of my friends calls them “white wine problems.”

It’s been a funny day, here in the city.  It was grey this morning and while chill, it was above normal in temperature.  As it has been for the last six weeks or something.

It seems the human race is experiencing a new neurosis:  fear of climate change.  There was something about it in the New York Times.  If there is something to worry about the human race will turn it into a neurosis.

It is something to be concerned about but I’m not sure that being neurotic is going to help.

In the LA Times there was a heart warming story of Tibor Rubin, who passed away recently.  A Hungarian Jewish survivor of the Holocaust he swore that he would join the US Army if he ever made it to America.  In 1948, he did.  He joined the Army and was sent to Korea where he served with distinction, no, more than distinction.  He held off the Chinese for 24 hours by himself and did more.

Three times his fellow soldiers pushed for him to receive the Medal of Honor.  Three times an anti-Semitic officer prevented it from moving forward.  His fellow soldiers testified that their commanding officer sent Tibor on the most dangerous assignments because he wanted to kill the Jewish soldier.

He finally received the Medal of Honor in 2005, from President George W. Bush.  He never spoke badly of the Army or of that officer who tried to get him killed.  He remained grateful until the day he died.

My favorite Conservative, Jan Hummel, wrote an email to me that said: He’s an idiot.  If there was more it didn’t get through so I emailed back: who’s the idiot?

Donald Trump.  Yes, The Donald IS an idiot but he is a popular idiot and that’s  frightening.

He has proposed banning the entry of ALL Muslims to the US.  Everyone is outraged.  Except, perhaps, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who takes an even more aggressive stance.  She announced she was about to get on a plane to Paris and shoot them herself. 

Then she qualified.  She would only get on a plane to shoot Syrian terrorists.  I’m not sure how she would tell which was which.

Yes, she is Republican.

In Venezuela, President Maduro has been roundly defeated in legislative elections.  The opposition has swept to power in the legislature though it is still stuck with Maduro as President, which might limit their effectiveness BUT it is a huge sea change in that country. It is a repudiation of Chavez and his socialist movement.

Interestingly, Maduro has had the television stations playing old Chavez speeches and sports events rather than covering the elections but the people know and have been celebrating in the streets.

Paris, battered on many levels since the November 13th attacks, has seen Angels of Death return with U2 for a concert.  Angels of Death were performing at the Bataclan Theater where most of the deaths occurred.  U2 had a concert scheduled for the following night, which it postponed.

It is dark here in New York and soon I will return to the apartment and read a book.  Last night I finished Stephen Ambrose’s “New History of World War II.”  I have many books on my Kindle.  I will choose from one of them.

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