Letter From New York 04 03 2016 The Future of Men contemplated…

When I woke this morning, the grounds were covered with snow that had arrived in the pre-dawn hours, making the world white and wondrous.  I savored it and checked that it had not covered the roads, which it hadn’t and predictions for one to three inches of snow have not yet been realized.

It is winter chill, a small fire burns in the stove and I am playing jazz.  I was reading a mystery set in Provence when I decided I would do a short LFNY, as I have written nothing since my last one, in which I asked for suggestions on how I could improve.  Thank you to those who did respond.

I’m integrating them and will do my best to make this an even better blog.  As you might remember, I was doing a workshop at the Religious Communicators Conference in New York last Friday.  The topic was: How to Build a Better Blog.

It went very well and it was, I think, a good dialogue.  I headed north afterwards and am settled now into the cottage for most of the next two weeks with lots of things to do.  My teaching, a freelance writing assignment and a few other things are going to consume the time.

Lionel and Pierre were here for the weekend and we went to a lovely dinner party at Matthew Morse’s house, always a treat as Matthew, in one of his many lives, was a professional caterer.

When Nick and I take our train trips we now travel with a special case for martinis.  It has glasses, olive picks, a shaker, napkins, a vermouth atomizer, space for bottles, a shaker and a strainer.  Last night, Lionel and I took it along because Matthew is not martini sensitive and so we brought the fixings for our own.  Perfect.

This morning we had brunch at The Dot and then they headed back to Baltimore and I went down to Rhinebeck for a book signing with my friend Jack Myers, for his newest book, “The Future of Men.”  As far as I can tell, the future of American men appears a bit on the bleak side.  More women are graduating college than men by 10 to 15 percent now.

Men have been losing their way while women have been finding theirs.  It’s, I suspect, an evolutionary thing and totally appropriate and the frustration of men in finding their place in this new world is being reflected in the politics of our time.  All the anger against women displayed by so many is, I think, the result that some men are really, really p****d that women are marching full swing into the world and claiming their place in it.

Jack at Book Signing

Jack is a media researcher and discovered this subject when he was working on his previous book, “Hooked Up:  A New Generation’s Surprising Take on Sex, Politics, and Saving the World.”  People kept asking him about the role of men today and he tried to figure it out.

Kudos to him…  You can find his books at Amazon.

Coming home, I graded papers and started working on figuring out my freelance assignment and started reading and now I couldn’t keep my figures from tapping on the keyboard.

Nice to be back.

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