Letter From New York 04 05 2016 The Panama Papers and other things…

Dusk is descending on the creek; I am watching the light fade from my dining room table while classical music plays.

And I am thinking over the day, one of seemingly endless frustrations with an email problem Apple could not seem to fix and a group of errands squeezed into a short period because of all the time Apple had consumed.

When they couldn’t fix the issue, I turned to the local computer guru, Jonathan Simon, who does not work on Macs but who solved my problem in about twenty minutes.  My Apple Faith is shaken.

There was a meeting this afternoon in which one of the participants became so upset they walked out; unnerving for all.  The rest of us retreated to a local restaurant, had drinks and food and attempted to continue.

In other words, a day that did not run smoothly.

Last time I wrote, the predicted snow had not fallen.  The next morning it was all there and more; instead of three inches we had close to seven.  Only five intrepid students made it to class.  We called it early and went home.

Last night, I fell asleep reading a mystery and woke lazily into a sunny but chill day.  Predictions are that tonight and tomorrow are to be two of the coldest of the season.  What climate change?

“The Panama Papers” have exploded onto the world stage and the President of Iceland is no longer President, having resigned today after he was named in them.  As were several of Putin’s closest friends including one who was once close but had a rift with Putin and is now dead after blunt force trauma in a DC hotel.

It seems the President of Ukraine, a chocolatier billionaire did not, as he said he would, divest himself of his holdings but transferred them to offshore companies.  Prime Minister Sharif of Pakistan is distraught that relatives are named with having accounts.  China has tightened censorship; one can only wonder what will happen there? 

These leaks create messy, messy situations while one cannot help occasionally having a moment of schadenfreude, relishing the misfortunes of others;  thinking these others deserve their misfortune.

While I am typing exit polls are being held in Wisconsin.  Cruz and Sanders are both hoping to take a little wind out of the frontrunners’ sails there.  Hillary has not had a good history in Wisconsin, having lost it in 2008 and Trump is facing a coalition of conservative talk show hosts who are determined to bring him down, exploiting all his wonderful gaffes to the fullest.

Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi signed into law a bill that allowed for anti-gay discrimination.  As in North Carolina, he is facing a barrage of blowback.  Long lamenting the lack of a Fortune 500 company in his state, he is less likely to get one now.  Mississippi’s largest employers are not happy, including Toyota and Nissan and MGM Resorts.

Is the Civil War being fought again over gay rights?

As a gay man, I am astounded at the progress made in my lifetime.  Gay marriage was something I thought would never happen and yet, here I am, not yet dead and it has happened.  That states like Mississippi and North Carolina would attempt to turn back the clock is disheartening, if not surprising.  They are setbacks, not defeats and they are not on the right side of history.

What is amazing is that the Governors of those two states are ignoring the businesses in their states; pandering instead to bigoted voters. Well, they do have to re-elected!

The soft classical music is mellow, comforting and encasing the living and dining rooms with a gentle feel.  I’ve turned on the floodlights over the creek and am thinking it is close to time to curl up with my mystery and slip out of the night into the land of Nod.

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