Letter From New York via Minnesota… A reset…

It is early on a Friday evening in Bloomington, MN.  The heat index is somewhere around 103 degrees.  There is an excessive heat warning tonight and I am inside my brother’s lovely home, looking out at beautiful flowers and great green trees.

After my last posting, one of my readers, Bruce Thiesen, suggested I get to Minnesota and “reset.”  And I think I have. 

As I am sitting here I am watching the news regarding the terrible events that have happened in Munich.  A few days ago it would have driven me to despair.  Today, I grieve and yet I do not despair.

I feel refreshed and, suddenly, strangely, hopeful. 

Last night, The Donald, painted a picture of a dark America, an America, quite frankly, that is far darker than I see, even in my darkest moments.  We have a disturbingly large number of incidents of police acting irresponsibly and we have had a tragic reaction against police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

And the reality is that crime is down in this country.  We are safer than we have been in a long time, despite the terrible moments we have seen lately.  And I, and you, need to remember that.

We have issues that need to be addressed.  The aggrieved who are flocking to Trump have legitimate complaints.  This complicated world has created issues we are just beginning to address.  And I hope that we do address them.

But at this moment I reject the dark world that Trump espoused last night.  As troubled as we are, it is better than he presents it. 

What troubles me is that he presents himself as the strongman savior which is new to American politics but not new to the historical reality of politics.  Let us remember Mussolini and Hitler. 

This is a new moment in American politics.  And it is concerning to me.  And yet I am not as disturbed as I was a few days ago. 

The German shooter may or may not have been Islamic or may or may not have been Rightist.  We are all waiting to find out exactly what happened there.

Whatever happened, I will say a prayer for all of them, the wounded and the dead.  I bow my head.  But I will not bow my head and submit to the terror that is being sold to us.

And as horrible as it has been it has not been as horrible as it has been.  We are a less violent country than we were despite the high profile incidents we have which are deplorable.

Sitting in my brother’s kitchen, I am, suddenly, thankfully, hopeful.  Thank you, Bruce, for asking me to “reset.”  I needed to…

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