Letter from Claverack 09 25 2016 A bit of a rant…

In my last letter I wrote:  Two of the most deeply disliked individuals in America are running for President.  There is no joy in Mudville.

It was the only reference in my letter that I could find in re-reading it twice to Hillary Clinton.

Some of my readers took umbrage with me as they were disappointed in my characterization of Hillary Clinton.  To say the least, I was surprised.

It seemed to me a factual statement, not a judgement.  Tonight, at a party, I mentioned this to Tiffany Martin Hamilton, the first Democratic woman to be Mayor of Hudson.  She too was surprised it would bring umbrage.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton for President.  She is the most qualified person to be President.   By the time this over, I will probably have given Hillary Clinton’s campaign more money than I have for any other candidate in my life because the idea of a Trump Presidency scares the hell out of me.

That does not change the fact that one of the challenges of this campaign is that a significant number of Americans dislike her; it is one of the challenges for those of us who support her to help her overcome.

One of my smartest friends, sighed one day to me:  there is no situation the Clintons can’t make worse. [He was and is a Clinton supporter.] And it has been demonstrated time and again.  I confess that the handling of her pneumonia drove me to distraction.

The reality is that those of us who support her must help address the concerns over her apparent lack of transparency and encourage her campaign to do better.  It is infuriating to me because she is so qualified and has managed to garner a visceral dislike that is beyond reason.

One of my closest friends, a very liberal Democrat, will not vote for her.  He lives in New York and, if he lived in a swing state, would vote for her.  But because he lives in New York, a state he doesn’t consider a swing state, he will vote Libertarian because he has a visceral dislike of Hillary Clinton.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the problems we must honestly face to help Hillary Clinton become the next President.

This race should not even be close.  But it is because for two decades the Republican Party has demonized both Bill and Hillary Clinton and have waged an effective campaign to discredit them.  And they have not always helped themselves.

It is so frustrating to me.

At the Hudson Bed Races on Saturday [more about that in my next column], three acquaintances of mine are making active plans to leave the country if Trump wins.

These are people who are taking concrete steps to leave, putting together an action plan and putting in place the steps in that action plan to make it happen.

It makes me crazy that anyone would be thinking this way over a Presidential election but we are.  It feels like we have reached a desperate moment in America’s history.

A few minutes ago I watched a video of college students being asked fundamental questions of American history which most of them couldn’t.  They could answer all the questions about popular culture.  It is a sad fact that has been realized in a number of different studies of college students and by my own experience in teaching.

This may be the closest to a rant I will do.

Please understand I am frustrated and I am frightened.  A Trump Presidency will be a catastrophe for this country.  The Republican Party I grew up with and respected is unrecognizable and has lost all the respect I had for it once it made Trump its candidate.

We are at once of the most critical moments in our Democracy and there are those who say the future of our Democracy may be decided by this election.





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One Response to “Letter from Claverack 09 25 2016 A bit of a rant…”

  1. Judy Scott Says:

    The people who dislike HRC are the exact same people who like Trump! Ignorant, bigoted, egregious idiots! And I’m sorry, you made a false equivalency without qualifying it! Claiming it’s a “statement of fact” is simply not enough! Claiming after your concerned friends (like me!) Took umbrage, is not enough! This is serious! And we need to be giving no quarter to the other side!

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