Letter From Claverack 01 15 2017 Bemused but not amused…

It is early evening in Claverack; the lights have been turned on over the creek and I have asked Alexa to play the “Pop Classical” station so music is filling the cottage.  It is an idyllic night after a very nice day.

Waking before the alarm this morning, I cleared my email inboxes, showered and gathered things together for the food pantry at the church.  Post church, I went to the Red Dot and then to Ca’Mea to meet Larry and Alicia and it was a pleasant country afternoon.

Against the backdrop of the pleasant country afternoon is a tension about the political scene.

One of my neighbors, who, when he met me was a bit uncomfortable with me and who has become a very good friend, asked me why the LGBTQ community was concerned about Trump.  He voted for neither Hillary or The Donald, loathing them equally.

My response was that it wasn’t so much Trump’s views on gays but the views of the people who are around him.  Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana until Friday, then Vice President of the United States, worked to enact strident laws that jeopardized the rights of gays in his state.  Jeff Sessions, who is by all accounts is a gentleman of the first order in social situations, is homophobic, anti-immigration and anti some other important things.

My friend had no idea. And was concerned when he heard this.

Representative John Lewis of Georgia, a legendary figure in the Civil Rights movement, is not attending Trump’s inauguration because he does not feel Trump in a legitimate President.  I find that unfortunate and counterproductive.

And I find unfortunate and counterproductive Donald Trump’s Twitter storm against Representative Lewis, demeaning his part in the Civil Rights movement.  The man nearly lost his life on the bridge into Selma.  To denigrate him as Trump has is unfortunate and not in keeping with someone who is about to enter the highest office in the land.

Stephen Colbert discussed “truthiness.”  Donald Trump exercised a bit of it in his depiction of Representative Lewis’ district as crime ridden.  In fact, he represents one of the most affluent areas of Atlanta.

There is a good part of me that is sitting back and watching what is happening unfold with a sense of wonder, a sense of OMG is this real?  And it is…

Every time I turn around, I am astounded by our President Elect.

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is going to be a Senior Advisor.  Is there not something somewhere about nepotism?  Ivanka may be the de facto First Lady as Melania seems to be content to remain in Trump Tower.

Who is this person?

Andy Borowitz, comedian and raconteur, described him as the “Kremlin Employee of the Month.”

The awful thing is that he MIGHT be.

The VERY unsubstantiated report about his actions with the Russians are, at one time, very amusing and incredibly disconcerting.  It has spawned a cottage industry in defining “golden showers.”

Right now, I am sitting back and watching it unfold.  Called me bemused, call me amused, call me frightened, call me whatever you like and I think we need to go back into the early 19th century to find anything similar.

Oh, wow!

And I will continue to watch with a carefully bemused eye that is also carefully turned on to what the new President might do as he needs, more than most Presidents, to be held accountable.

Please help with that.  Please.



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2 Responses to “Letter From Claverack 01 15 2017 Bemused but not amused…”

  1. Susan Schuette Says:

    Yesterday I attended a rally for the preservation of the ACA, Medicare, Medicaide and Social Security. The call not to defund Planned Parenthood and for all of us to “Stand Up, Speak Out”. to preserve the social progress we have made over the last 50 or 60 years. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 to 150 people present. This was not the only demonstration or gathering of its kind but one of many in cities and towns across the country. Next week is “Women’s March on Washington. I believe there are many people who like you and I are watching and although incredulous and amazed (not in a good way) at what happened and is happening they are awake, aware and ready for action

    I do disagree with you on one point I think it is a good thing that John Lewis is not going to Trump’s Innaugration. I will not watch not out of hatred or loathing or fear but out of respect for all of those who have gone before. fought before, demonstrated before and held the office of President before.I am sure like many of us they are staring in disbelief at what is happening. I think Trump will make “Teapot Dome” look like “chump change”.

  2. tombers Says:

    Susan, I agree that it’s great that John Lewis is not going to the inauguration. And we are organizing to resist. There is a Facebook group called Blue DOT [Democracy Opposing Trump] you might want to join. I am one of the founders. We need to stand vigilant and be vocal these days.

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