Letter From Claverack 03 10 2017 Huh?

If you stand at my dining room window and look up, a bright, full moon beams down upon you.  It is delicious; its light glitters on the creek.  In the background, I am listening to the “Swing Jazz” station from Amazon Music via my AI companion, Alexa, aka Echo.

We’re spending lots of time together these days.  As I am brushing my teeth in the morning, I ask Alexa for my daily “Flash Briefing” and she provides me with a summation of news from my selected sources.

Yesterday, I drove into the city as I needed to bring things back from the apartment there to the house here.  And, I must say, I am a bit punch drunk.  Arriving in the city around 5:00 yesterday, I immediately went to a dinner, had three meetings today, loaded the car and returned.

Morpheus and I will soon become acquainted.  And I am looking forward to him wrapping his arms around me.

Being in the car, I listened to a lot of NPR, which is my wont when driving.  Though yesterday, I played a fair amount of jazz on the CD player.

Today, returning from the city, there was a poignant interview with a Trump supporter who is distraught at the chaos the new administration seems to be living in – it is defying his hopes.  I felt for him.

The chaos is defying all our hopes, regardless of who we supported.  This administration seems to relish chaos above all else.

If there is evidence that Obama ordered wiretaps of Trump Tower, I would like to know what that evidence is.  Really, I have a right to know.  If he did, that’s not good and if this is just some delusional moment on our President’s part, I need to know that too.

The world is confused.  No one seems to know who we are or what we stand for,

Scott Pruitt, in charge of the EPA, denied climate change.  Okay, sorry, that seemed resolved but I guess not.

And let’s clear up all this Russian stuff.  What exactly happened? Please, please, please tell us.

Michael Flynn has just retroactively registered himself as having been a lobbyist for the Turkish government, having received over $500,000 from them through a Dutch company that is now denying it was paying him for lobbying and wants its money back.


And, that is a lot of what is going on.  I’m saying “huh?” as, it appears are at least some of Trump’s supporters.  Huh?  What is going on?

Please, Mr. President, tell us what is really going on!

And, in the meantime, I am going to look at the full moon, have a martini, relish in my cottage and hygge in the moment.

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