Letter From Claverack 03 13 2017 Really? Really?

In the background, jazz plays.  The floodlights illuminate the creek and I am beginning the process of hunkering down for what could be this winter’s big storm.  A nor’easter of grand proportions seems to be headed toward us.

Though there is a chance it might still swing enough to the east to leave us relatively unscathed.  I’m not taking chances.  Today I brought in the big buckets to hold water, I went to the store, buying bottled water and a few food supplies plus some extra candles, in case the power goes out.

It is a little exciting, with a frisson of danger.  We’ve been lucky.  During a wind storm last week something like 200,000 homes lost power.  The last ones to get it back may have gotten it back just in time to lose it again.

It will be what it will be.  We have come far enough to be able to predict a little of what Mother Nature might be doing and not far enough to control it.  So, I am prepared.  I’ve been here when we’ve been without power for two or three days.  It’s sobering as it reminds me that I am protected by fallible technologies from the strength of nature.

Sunday was a pleasant day; I was lector at church, helped with coffee hour and met with someone who will probably take over cleaning my house and then went down to the Dot for Eggs Benedict on potato latkes, consumed while working with a group on the New York Times crossword puzzle.  Usually, I’m not good at it but added a few things.

Reading the New York Times yesterday before church, I avoided the real news and focused, as I do very often these days, on the Food Section, saving recipes right and left to my recipe box.  It’s comfort reading.  We all need it.  Especially now.

Then I read the section devoted to weddings.

And, when I could no longer avoid it, read the news.

Today, the Congressional Budget Office weighed in on what might happen if Obamacare is repealed and replaced by the current bill in front of Congress. Not very pretty.

And I think there’s a phone call to my representative, John Faso, in the future.  He seems to support the bill as it is currently structured.  If so, I won’t be supporting him when the mid-term elections come along.

Senator McCain is calling on Trump to give some proof to support his claims that Obama ordered wiretaps on Trump Tower.  Yes, please, some supporting evidence would be really helpful.  Thank you, John McCain.  He’s saying prove it or retract. President Trump, offer some proof or retract.

Today, the Justice Department is asking for more time.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a really close friend who voted for Trump.  He said to me:  can’t they just take his phone away?  This is embarrassing.

No, I don’t think The Donald is going to let his phone out his hand though he’s been pretty quiet since the accusation that Obama tapped his phones.

The National Review, a conservative publication, has declared that Trump is destroying his presidency one tweet at a time.  Wow!  William Buckley’s publication is holding the President accountable for his behavior.  Color me surprised…

Jeff Sessions asked all Obama appointed attorneys to resign, immediately.  Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, who had been asked by Trump to stay on, did not resign.  He was fired.

Now, lest we think Preet is just a liberal Democrat…

He was actively pursuing cases against folks close to New York’s Democratic Governor Cuomo.  He has always seemed centered not in ideology but in the search for justice.

Trump seems backtracking on the Obama accusations and Kellyanne Conway said something about microwaves being cameras????? Couldn’t parse that one.  Seriously, I thought I was a living an alternative reality.

And all of this is an alternative reality…  Really!





4 Responses to “Letter From Claverack 03 13 2017 Really? Really?”

  1. Clarissa Says:

    I also start reading the NY TIMES with the Food section these days. The political news are too predictably depressing.

    Stay safe!

  2. tombers Says:

    It’s helping keep me sane.

  3. Susan Schuette Says:

    I have been looking at the health non-care that is being proposed. It seems that anyone who is older is being punished for being so. I think about all the people who need care and I shudder at the callousness and cruelty of this administration. I look at what they are doing to our country and our position in the world and I shudder. Like you I am limiting my reading of “the news” . The Boston Globe, Daily Kos and sometimes the Times or Washington Post to what I can stomach. There are many other sites and petitions all looking for donations and signatures on their petitions so that can take up most of the day if I allow it to but I can only handle some of that. If I spent too much time doing this I would just curl up in a ball and pull the covers over my head and stay in bed maybe forever. Hygee is a wonderful concept and I thank you so much for writing about it. I thought it was selfish to stop doing everything I could all the time but I can see how much better I feel and how much clearer my thinking is along with the fact that I feel so much better.

  4. tombers Says:

    Susan, Thanks. Food. I think about food… M

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