Letter From New York 04 09 2016 As it happens…

It is one of my favorite times at the cottage; the sun is setting and twilight is arriving.  As I look out the front window, seated on my sofa, the view slowly becomes very like a black and white photo.  There are only woods, slipping away into the night, a few branches slowly blowing in the soft wind of a cool spring evening.

Touring Amazon Prime Music, I added a playlist of “Classical for Reading” while I sip a martini and type, laptop balanced on my lap.  It had been my intention to go out and attend a gallery opening down in Hudson but after Nick and his father, Martin, left after completing a few finishing touches to my newly painted bath, I sat on the couch, read for a while and decided that, no, I wasn’t headed out; I was staying home to enjoy my cottage.

Last night, I did the same.  Watched “Grantchester” on line and then drifted off, reading a book on my Kindle.

As I sat, as I normally do, having lunch at the bar at The Red Dot, reading and bantering with Alana, the owner, the individuals around me were chattering about the New York Primary, scheduled for the week after next.  Bernie will be in Albany on Monday and one woman is calling in sick in hopes of getting into the rally.  The once solid upstate affection for Hillary has seemed to cool this year and it’s Bernie that is capturing the attention.

Hillary is playing well downstate and I think is headed upstate soon.  It’s a big contest for the two of them, particularly now that he has won Wyoming.  “Pivotal” is the word newspeople are using to describe what happens in New York on the Democratic side.

Hillary herself says she needs to win big, according to the Washington Post.

Ted Cruz had a relatively warm reception in upstate New York when he spoke at a Christian school here but did not fare as well downstate, which finds his “New York values” statement more than a little offensive.  He was, I do believe, booed in Brooklyn.

Donald is trumping through the state, playing on Cruz’s statement and is leading on the GOP side here in New York. 

Arianna Huffington has become a great promoter of sleep.  Yes, that’s right, sleep!  She said in a radio interview that The Donald is exhibiting signs of sleep deprivation.  It’s a point of honor with him that he only sleeps four hours a night.

Meanwhile, Turkey, a country I visited some years ago and was one of my favorite places, is facing warnings from the US and Israel about tourists going there; credible reports of potential incidents in Istanbul and elsewhere have caused the warnings.  A bomb in a bag was exploded today in Istanbul by police, two slightly wounded when they did so.

In Brussels, “the man in the hat” was arrested. He has been ardently searched for by authorities for weeks and was apprehended.  Mohamed Abrini admits to being there, being “the man in the hat” and while he has been apprehended the threat remains all over Europe.

It was a very good day for three sailors in Micronesia, who had been reported missing.  They spelled the world “Help” in palm fronds and that was spotted by a rescue helicopter and they were picked up from the uninhabited island.

Tomorrow night there will be a documentary on HBO about the legendary Gloria Vanderbilt, done with her son, Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor.  She reveals in the new memoir accompanying the documentary that she seduced both Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando, not to mention Errol Flynn and Howard Hughes.  What a life she has led…

She is 92, by the way, and doing quite well, thank you!  The book is called, “The Rainbow Comes and Goes.”

And now, outside, it is dark, the music plays and I will end and cozy up with a book.

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