Letter From New York 04 07 2016 Wild emotional rides, probably weather induced…

It’s quiet in the cottage; I haven’t decided on what music I might want to hear. For right now, the silence is good.

The snow is almost gone, what was left was melted by yesterday’s sun and today’s rain.  When I woke this morning, I was in an awfully good mood for no good reason.  Later in the day, with torrential rain falling, I was not in so good a mood.  I followed the day into darkness and had to work to be out of it.

Last night I went to The Dot for an original one act play by a local writer. Actually, it is a three act play being played out over three weeks.  So last night was really Act One.  I’ll be back for Act II next week.  And Act III the week after that…

It is a night when it is good to be cozied in the cottage.  It is chilling outside though the day was warm, if wet. 

While running my errands today, I heard Hillary Clinton talking and she sounded hoarse and exhausted.  I felt sorry for her.  Bernie Sanders is sounding chipper and he should be — he has won all of the last six contests.  Now the focus is on New York State where Hillary and Bernie seem running neck and neck. 

It may be a pivot point in the Democratic run for the Presidential nomination.  We’ll see.

Ted Cruz is not doing so well here; it appears all New Yorkers, upstate and down, are having more than a little trouble forgiving him his “New York values” statement about Trump.  From what I have been reading, his New York stumping is not doing well. 

67% of Americans don’t like Donald Trump but that might now be enough to stop him from getting the nomination.  Cruz desperately wants Kasich to drop out, something he seems to have no intention of doing.  In a brokered convention, he might have a shot.

It is the wildest year in politics I have seen in my lifetime and I am watching it all play out.  As a registered independent, I cannot vote in the Primary.  I will follow the results avidly.

In the meantime, IS, driven out of Palmyra where they made ruins of the ruins, have kidnapped something like 300 in a suburb of Damascus, factory workers who have now entered a nightmare. 

We have the Panama Papers.  David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, has benefitted from an offshore company set up by him late father but it all seems inconsequential.

Many of Putin’s friends have been named.  Putin says this is all a Western conspiracy to weaken Russia.  He has not been named and he points that out.  What the West is trying for is “guilt by association.” I wonder what future weeks will bring?

It is getting later and there is still no music in the cottage.  I am ending for today.

Today reminded me of the wild ride of emotions we all live through on a given day.

Good night.

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